First post!

I’ve been experimenting a bit with using twitter for profession-oriented networking and commentary, to complement my current use of facebook as a strictly personal, friends-oriented activity. This has worked rather well, allowing me to explore different types of relationships and different types of communications.

I’ve been on LiveJournal for several years, and been quite happy using that – again, strictly personal, with the majority of posts only visible to friends, many only to close friends. In doing so, I’ve sometimes felt I was missing a good outlet for broader, profession-oriented commentary – discussion of network technology, programming, social technology and media, and the politics of all that – say, the antics of the partisans of IPR, security, network governance, media rights, privacy, etc. So, I’m going to try this as an outlet for all that.

Note – I’m saying profession-oriented, not professional. This is not a job blog, and this is not a blog specifically about things I do in my job. It’s a blog inspired by my profession – hacker, networker, technologist, manager, global collaborator.

I realize that there will be overlaps and conflicts. How to deal with that will be an ongoing experiment for some time. A fun experiment, I’m sure.

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