Bing? I’m not feeling lucky.

Cory Doctorow tweeted about #fail at Bing, the Microsoft search site. I decided to poke around a bit. First impression: pretty picture, cool. But what about the search results?

First search for Firefox (open-source web browser competing with Internet Explorer)

  1. Firefox in French
  2. The mozilla Firefox site
  3. Firefox in Norwegian.

Not too bad, but the Danish Mozilla / Firefox sites do not come out on the first page. Bing guessed I’m in Denmark, yet they give me French, Norwegian, Hungarian, Portuguese, German, etc. With Google, I get the Danish Firefox site first, then the official one in English.

Next a search for “Thunderbird” (open-source competitor for Outlook)

  1. Thunderbird School of Global Management
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird auf Deutsch (from
  3. Thunderbird – O cliente de email da Mozilla. (Brazil?)
  4. Thunderbird – Reclaim your inbox

The real thing comes out fourth. Still no Danish in the first page. Google gives me the US Thunderbird site, then the Danish one.

How about “Explorer”? I get

  1. Japanese site about Jeans
  2. French Internet Explorer (IE) site
  3. Domain hijack site
  4. Domain hijack site
  5. Dutch Internet Explorer site
  6. Wikipedia entry for “exploration”

With Google, I get Danish IE site, then the US one.

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