Advent Calendar

For me, Christmas is a time of traditions; food, cakes, decorations, things we do – lots of traditions small and not-so-small. I always liked these traditions, and I find that I enjoy passing them on to my kid. There’something about having the same decoration up, or throwing the same party, or making the same cookies, year after year, that feels good. And it’s fun to see how early kids start to recognize this and enjoy it – even (or maybe in particular?) in a household where few things are “by the book”.

One of the traditions that kicks off the season is the advent calendar. They can be really simple – a piece of decorated cardboard with cut-outs you can open and find a picture ore similar each day, or they can be really elaborate. with wrapped presents, one for each of the days 1-24 December.

This year, ours look like this:

Advendt calendar

As a kid, I had an advent calendar with presents. Small things – a couple of pens, a few Legos, etc – but the excitement from waking up each day and rushing to see what was there was more about the warm feeling of a present each day than what was actually there. I get the same with my kid, even if our presents are more elaborate than what I had then. The advent calendar has grown to be an important item in her Christmas.

Happily, it’s fun to make, and it’s fun to have the little ceremony of opening presens each morning. In not-so-many-years it will be of no interest to her anymore, so I’m going to enjoy as much as I can while I have the chance. Not that the advent calendars ever goes away entirely if I can help it; I one for my wife, too, but with a present for each of the four Sundays of Advent.

2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar

  1. The advent calendar still is one of my fondest memories of childhood. Ours was just a basic calendar, made by my grandmother, with movable symbols for each day of the month. As the day passed you would move that day’s item up to a Christmas tree and pin it there. It was a treat to get to be the one who moved the symbol for that day and I would get so excited watching the tree fill up as Christmas neared. Those are the beautiful memories of Christmas and, almost synonymously, Family. I look forward to starting such a tradition with my kids when they can appreciate it. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • That sounds just lovely. We couldn’t do exactly that – we traditionally do not bring in the Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas. The tradition here is for a real tree, so probably it would be all withered by Christmas if you brought it in at 1 Dec. We do create decorations throughout the month, and this year we have an additional advent calendar with a DiY decoration each day. Fun to sit down and cut and glue etc together.

      And yes – starting your own traditions is lovely.

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