Baker Street Revisited

. Before internet and YouTube and social media and all that, it would never have even occurred to me to go hunting for cover versions of Baker Street (which I wrote about yesterday). It’s not that big a deal. But now, it’s just a click away, and it’s fun. It’s a great way to get new input, to learn about artists you might never have discovered otherwise, or re-discover artists you haven’t been listening to for a while.

It turns out there’s several versions out there. Most of them are no match for the original, but there’s good fun to be had anyway, and at least two I found have real merit.


A really, really nice version from Foo Fighters. Great guitar work, great rumble – and yet I feel perfectly at home with the song. This is a great cover.

A truly fun Dance remix, from Dj Octopus

The boring disco version from Undercover

A House version from Michael Mind. It’s actually kinda nice, with some good energy. Too schematic, I think, but it manages to retain the spirit of the original tune. But why oh why did they have to do such an awful video?

Oh, and Lisa actually played the song in a Simpsons show. Thumbs up.

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