History of pop, compressed

Can you do a “history of pop” in one hour? Well, if you can do “A Brief History of Nearly Everything” in one book, why not?
Here’s how you do it. Take the US singles charts. Take the top-1 hits. Take a 5-second-or-so sample from each song. Put them together, in chronologic order.

This is brilliant. Amazingly, I find I can sing along with most of them – you probably can, too. Of course, what I want now is a one-click option to buy all the songs from iTunes.

Part 1 is 1950-1980.
Part 2 is 1980 onwards.

For now, I have no insight as to who compiled this. Whoever you are: thanks!

UPDATE: I’m told (thanks, Mark!) that it was created by Hugo Keesing, who also came up with the word “chartsweep” to describe it. The compilation was created based on his 15.000 album music collection, now donated to University of Maryland’s Performing Arts Library as the “Keesing Musical Archives.”, along with books, sheet music, etc. See brief interview at the Some Assembly Required blog.

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