(White) Privilege

This so so neatly captures the essence of white privilege. What’s especially good about the video is how it demonstrates how blatant it has to be for us to even notice. It’s always there – for race, for gender, etc. etc. And mostly we’re not aware, unless we’re really careful.

It’s also a, btw, a really, hard and sad video to watch. Man.

(via feministe)

Update: there’s another version, with a similar experiment:

3 thoughts on “(White) Privilege

  1. I thought it was pretty funny, especially the black actor trying to justify the theft.

    Well of course they paid more attention to the black guy. Blacks are many times more likely to commit theft than whites, just as men are more likely than women. It’s just so rare to see a white guy (let alone a white girl) blatantly stealing like that. Hell, I wouldn’t believe it either.

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