SOPA and PIPA day

More here, here, here, here, here, etc. This is actually truly important.

If you have local initiatives along these lines where you live, please, please beat on policy makers to stop creating idiotic policy that wont solve the problem they claim to be solving and in the process will deeply harm the wonderful and important source of creative energy that is the internet. Please.


Today’s fashion advice

I’m a stripes guy myself, but this just might convince me to try something new ūüėČ

For the serious plaid fans,  you can even get the song on iTunes, get more from composer Josh Johnson, including a how it was made video,  or see more videos from actor Joe Cummings.

And, yeah – it’s personal marketing & branding, but it makes me happy that the internet is still a channel for creative¬†silliness; it’s good to see that people continue to take advantage of a global media with no real control.


Birthday Hit Music Meme

OK, so there’s a music meme going around – it’s all over Facebook, so you’ve probably seen it. Goes like this:

Challenge: Find out the song that was #1 the week you were born.

  1.  Go to this site to find out which song:
  2.  Find that song on YouTube.
  3.  Post that video on your wall without shame

Now, since I was born in Denmark, I found the Danish hitlists to be more appropriate than Billboard; it’s what was on the radio where you were born that matters, right?’ So, I get¬†Elvis Presley Devil in Disguise.¬†Is that supposed to be a subliminal message?

I love the false starts and the studio banter on this one (“You sound like a bird…”). ¬†Gives usa glimpse of what Elvis was like. Things like this is what make me love youtube. If you just want to hear the song, go to about 2:50.

I kinda like this song, even though John Lennon nixed it with his famous “Elvis sounds like Bing Crosby now”. ¬†It’s not Elvis of ’56, it’s not Hound Dog or Don’t Be Cruel, but I like the ease and confidence in the voice, and the effortless rhythm. And, well, I like that the man can just sing.

For comparison, UK hitlist gives me Beatles (She Loves You), and Billboard has Bobby Vinton (Blue Velvet). Not a bad week, not a bad week at all.