I Have A Bridge…

Waiting for Langebro, Copenhagen… and I’m not afraid to use it.

In Copenhagen, there’s a number of bridges across the inner harbour, to get to the island of Amager (and to the Airport located there). When I was a kid, these bridges would frequently open to allow for freighter boats to get in and out.  “The bridge was up” was a well-known excuse for running late.

These days, the inner harbour is no longer a working harbour.  Freighters, passenger boats, cruise ships have all moved north, to new and modern facilities. The inner harbour is used only for pleasure crafts, for house boats, for swimming, and so on.  It’s rare that the bridge open – so much so that even though I go across on my way to work every day, I tend to forget that it can happen at all.

This week, however, someone decided to remind us. It started Thursday last week, actually, with a large house boat or whatever it was forcing the bridge to open in the morning traffic.  Maybe inspired by this, the bridge has also been open in morning traffic Monday and Tuesday this week – for no apparent reason.  The bridge has opened, sat open for a couple of minutes, and then closed again.

Unless you’re running desperately late, it’s actually kind of fun.  When the bridge go up there’s right away a bunch of bikes (and cars, but I don’t pay much attention to those) lined up, with people waiting, chatting, looking to see why the bridge went up – and maybe just enjoying the unexpected break.

Langebro, CopenhagenAs I said, there’s been no boats coming through the two times I’ve been caught on the bridge in the morning traffic this week.  No idea what’s going on – maybe it’s just fun to operate such a big piece of machinery?  I don’t mind; even though I cross the bridge every day, I don’t spend much time enjoying the view along the harbour, or the great architecture of the bridge itself.  This week I got the chance to do that.

It will be interesting to see how long they keep up with the daily bridge opening.

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