Washington Bullets

On 11 September 1973, Salvador Allende was ousted in a military coup d’etat, ending 48 years of democratic rule in Chile.  In his place, Chileans got 17 years of Augusto Pinochet and a nightmare persecution.

40 years.  We have other enemies now, and smarter bombs.

PS: yes, I know the CIA was not directly involved in overthrowing Allende.  In the words of Henry Kissinger, “We didn’t do it.  I mean we helped them.  ___ created the conditions as great as possible”. Rather an illustrative conversation, that.

UPDATE: I should add that I think the “Sandinista” album is terribly under-appreciated. I’ve read in several places that it’s a curiosity and a silly political statement.  I don’t agree at all.  There’s a bunch of great songs on this album.  You see, I’m all for bands experimenting with form and attitude. And if in the process they can re-invent the protest song, what’s not to like?

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