Wall of Voodoo – Ring of Fire

(I’m trying to capture some of my Facebooks posts from the “fill FB with music” thing that’s popular in August 2014. I won’t promise to do all of them here, but some are worth keeping).

Wall of Voodoo is yet another somewhat obscure band from the “new wave” / post punk era. Their pop-tinted new wave often sounded like a blend of Devo and The Stranglers. Never had much of an audience in Europe, but in particular the early albums are are definitely worth a listen if you can find them.

The song here is a cover of the Johnny Cash classic “Ring of Fire”. Not quite typical for Wall of Voodoo, but lots of fun. The live version above adds a bit of comedy – the album version (below) is more sombre, nearly majestic.  I like that better; making fun of it all adds nothing.  OTOH, the album version drags on a bit.

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