Brace yourself

At my house, we have a mass of purple Geranium in front, towards the street.  They are wonderful – lots of flowers from mid-May to far into the autumn.  They start flowering just as the Rhododendron are finished, and wimg_0406ith a bit of luck keep doing so until the first snow. And with very little work. I love that, long after most other flowers are go
ne, the Geranium is still going strong – green, lush, and lots of colour in front of the house. We have precious little of that around here.

However, nothing in nature lasts forever. For me, part of bracing myself for winter is to accept that the Geranium season is over.

This weekend if was pretty clear most of the plants were dead or dying.  However, rather than just rip it all up, I went through the them gently, picking oimg_0407ut the dead ones, letting the few live one stand. And with that, I still have a my purple flowers, bright and clear, right there with all the autumn colours around us.

It’s sparse now, and I know it will only be a few weeks, but I cherish the sight all the same. For Copenhagen, going into November with this much colour is a gift.

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