Pebernødder, Again

It’s time.  Some can’t wait, some try to ignore it, but there’s no way around it (at least in my part of the world): Xmas is coming.  And so, it’s time once again to re-blog that post about pebernødder, and the recipe that go with it.

This year the little one did much of the work rolling, cutting, and setting cookies on the plates. That last bit is actually most of the work. As we once again made pebernødder to last the season, there’s a fair bit of work involved, but it’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the family.

The recipe is (in English) in the link above.  I should point out that the recipe it not mine; it’s Søren’s mother’s recipe, Søren being a fellow student of my wife and I from back in the 80’s. We’ve making pebernødder from it every since; I hope our appreciation somehow make it make to Søren’s mother.

For the batch we make, we use (in Danish this time – the recipe in the post linked above is for 1/3rd bath)

  • 750g margarine
  • 6.75 dl. sukker
  • 3 spsk sirup
  • 3 æg
  • 6 tsk natron
  • 3 tsk ingefær
  • 3 tsk kanel
  • 3 tsk nelliker
  • 1250 gr mel

(For those with access to Danish shops: the type of margarine / butter makes a difference.  I find they are too heave with butter.  I like the result w/ Oma bage-margarine)

The process is simple:

  1. Rør sukker, smør, sirup grundigt
  2. Tilsæt æg, rør
  3. Tilsæt natron, krydderier og mel, rør til ensartet masse
  4. Rul tynde pølser på bord med lidt mel, skær i små bidder – de hæver til ca. det dobbelte
  5. Bag 12-15 min ved 150 gr varmluft

And so, we once again filled the cookie jar.


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