I’ve been using internet (well, usenet initially) and unix and all that jazz since the early 80’s, and I probably had strong opinions about it even before that. I’ve been working alternately with computing and network infrastructure for the R&E community and commercial internet (networking and hosting) for the past 25 years, with stints at software development (both open source and closed, commercial code) along the way.

For all that, I’ve always been more fascinated by the social aspects of it all – from talk.bizarre to MUD’s to twitter. Basically, I love this technology as a vehicle of exploration, contact, and learning. And I have strong opinions about having it remain such a vehicle and not be fenced in or made to serve any particular purpose.

I write about things that fascinate me, things I have opinions about – and I write from 1st person. This is my blog, not a professional message.

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    Your hopefully

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