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Timezone Weirdness


GMT+3 timezone

I’m currently in Beirut, Lebanon. It’s a lovely city in every way – dynamic, energetic, mixed, people of all kinds, great food, great nightlife, beaches, mountains, you name it.

The timezone is weird, though. Lebanon is smack in the middle of the GMT+3 zone, but nonetheless it GMT+2 – same time as Athens or Helsinki. My flight here connected in Istanbul, Turkey. From Copenhagen I went +2 timezones, but then from Istanbul to here, I went -1, despite travelling each.

Brace yourself

At my house, we have a mass of purple Geranium in front, towards the street.  They are wonderful – lots of flowers from mid-May to far into the autumn.  They start flowering just as the Rhododendron are finished, and wimg_0406ith a bit of luck keep doing so until the first snow. And with very little work. I love that, long after most other flowers are go
ne, the Geranium is still going strong – green, lush, and lots of colour in front of the house. We have precious little of that around here. Continue reading