Brace yourself

At my house, we have a mass of purple Geranium in front, towards the street.  They are wonderful – lots of flowers from mid-May to far into the autumn.  They start flowering just as the Rhododendron are finished, and wimg_0406ith a bit of luck keep doing so until the first snow. And with very little work. I love that, long after most other flowers are go
ne, the Geranium is still going strong – green, lush, and lots of colour in front of the house. We have precious little of that around here. Continue reading

I Have A Bridge…

Waiting for Langebro, Copenhagen… and I’m not afraid to use it.

In Copenhagen, there’s a number of bridges across the inner harbour, to get to the island of Amager (and to the Airport located there). When I was a kid, these bridges would frequently open to allow for freighter boats to get in and out.  “The bridge was up” was a well-known excuse for running late. Continue reading

Things That Scare Me

Kid's bike and news flyerYesterday when I picked up the little one from daycare, he insisted we go get ice-cream. I decided it was a reasonable request, and moreover there might not be that many good ice-cream days left this year. I called the girl who I knew to be hanging out at home, asking her to meet us at the store.

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That time of year…

sandals on shelfSo, there’s my trusty Teva sandals, sitting on a shelf.  Retired for the year. Because this week, I took to wearing shoes, for the first time in four months. It’s that time of year, you see.  Not cold, nothing like that, not yet – but just so that wearing sandals while biking to work in the morning is not really good.   And when it rains, *sigh* – cold and wet. Continue reading