Today’s fashion advice

I’m a stripes guy myself, but this just might convince me to try something new 😉

For the serious plaid fans,  you can even get the song on iTunes, get more from composer Josh Johnson, including a how it was made video,  or see more videos from actor Joe Cummings.

And, yeah – it’s personal marketing & branding, but it makes me happy that the internet is still a channel for creative silliness; it’s good to see that people continue to take advantage of a global media with no real control.


House for sale

You know, I’m a sucker for good marketing. I’m not at all a marketing person, not even bye a long shot, but communication is crucial in any endeavor, and when done right it’s just plain fun. Good marketing is like good broth – the good stuff, condensed.

Wanna buy a house yet?

(No – no ulterior motive. No other reason than “this is great marketing” for posting this or watching it again. Thanks for asking)

(via Joe.My.God)