I Have A Bridge…

Waiting for Langebro, Copenhagen… and I’m not afraid to use it.

In Copenhagen, there’s a number of bridges across the inner harbour, to get to the island of Amager (and to the Airport located there). When I was a kid, these bridges would frequently open to allow for freighter boats to get in and out.  “The bridge was up” was a well-known excuse for running late. Continue reading

Things That Scare Me

Kid's bike and news flyerYesterday when I picked up the little one from daycare, he insisted we go get ice-cream. I decided it was a reasonable request, and moreover there might not be that many good ice-cream days left this year. I called the girl who I knew to be hanging out at home, asking her to meet us at the store.

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That time of year…

sandals on shelfSo, there’s my trusty Teva sandals, sitting on a shelf.  Retired for the year. Because this week, I took to wearing shoes, for the first time in four months. It’s that time of year, you see.  Not cold, nothing like that, not yet – but just so that wearing sandals while biking to work in the morning is not really good.   And when it rains, *sigh* – cold and wet. Continue reading

Winter in Copenhagen – bikes!

Copenhagen is a bike city. More than 1 in 3 commute to work or school by bike. It’s nice, it’s fun, it’s healthy – and we do it in the winter too.

Part of this movie is from my daily commute, and pretty much what the commute is like now, except we have more snow on the ground. It’s not bad, though – note how the bike lanes are cleared of snow and salted, just like the car lanes. Cold? Well, my grandpa told me “there’s no bad weather, only inappropriate clothes” – and you can get so much better gear today. In that respect winter biking has changed a lot in the past 20 years.

The only bad part is when there’s fresh snow, or worse snow pressed into an ice sheet by cars. It can get really slippery, and bikes are not stable. A few days ago I took the car to pick up a few things, and on my way home a bike skidded and crashed to the ground just in front of me as I was entering an intersection. Luckily I was preparing a right turn and was going really slow on the slippery road, so I could stop easily. But that was one scary moment for all involved – I was literally shaking after it happened. The guy on the bike was clearly going to fast and changing lanes. No good. Be careful out there.