Sony: The colour of good and bad

So, in this PS3 game, the player has a good side – a desire to do good, help, work for the benefit of all, etc- and a bad side – a desire to be selfish, go for instant gratification, etc. And like with Pluto in one of those old Disney animations, the good and bad side is animated as an actual person or personality, someone you can see, hear, and maybe even have a conversation with. Let’s ignore the externalization of desire, responsibility, etc, or the schizoid view of human personality, the idea that I must chose between my good and evil side rather than try to be a whole person, troubled as all that is. Let’s look instead at how the good and evil side is presented.

So, what do learn here? We learn here that good is white and sexually modest, while evil is black and sexually daring. That’s a nice piece of stereotype enforcement right there, Sony. Well done.

(via sociological images)

(White) Privilege

This so so neatly captures the essence of white privilege. What’s especially good about the video is how it demonstrates how blatant it has to be for us to even notice. It’s always there – for race, for gender, etc. etc. And mostly we’re not aware, unless we’re really careful.

It’s also a, btw, a really, hard and sad video to watch. Man.

(via feministe)

Update: there’s another version, with a similar experiment: